"Jamie Douglass brings creative magic to her work. And if you are one of the fortunate ones she creates for, you will love her energy as well as your plants!" ~ Maya

"I love the creative pots that magically appear in my courtyard each season. The Mad Potter uses unusual and beautiful plants that make me smile and welcome me home." ~ Barbara

"Many people after walking by my apartment have raved about the wonderful summer pot I have with the big fern. And other lovely things poke out. It’s something that gives us all a needed lift in spirits. I like it especially because Jamie has selected plants that will grow well under my very shady portale. I have also seen a wonderful pot she did with very different plants on a sunny deck. It’s wonderful that she knows so many plants and how to select the right ones." ~ Mimi

"You outdid yourself this year. Placement and product are stunning. Thank you and Merry Christmas!" ~ Ellen

"Thanks for your contribution to pots at Barbara’s.  It looks great and the El Castillo residents will enjoy the new look!!" ~ John